Clarence House Dental Care

Once again Clarence House Dental Practice has come up trumps with an emergency appointment to fix my broken tooth. Although it wasn’t my regular dentist I was really pleased with the repair carried out my a very pleasant dentist. I was called in for my appointment on time what more can I ask for.

Visited in January 2017. Posted on 16 January 2017

My dentist has completely helped me overcome the crippling fear I was left with after some hideous experiences at another practice. I can’t thank them enough. The reception staff have always been friendly and whenever I’ve visited or called, and seeing some of the rudeness they have to deal with, it’s really no surprise they appear abrupt to some clients!

Visited in December 2016. Posted on 14 December 2016

All the dentists I’ve encountered at Clarence House have been helpful, cheerful and highly skilled. I’d like particularly to thank one particular dentist who kindly saw me quickly the other day when I had broken a tooth, and rather than asking me to make another appointment treated me straight away, carrying out a very tricky procedure and probably upsetting their afternoon schedule in the process! I’m most grateful. Similarly last year another dentist warned me that an awkward repair on another tooth would probably not last – it’s still going strong. Praise too to the receptionists and for the comfortable surroundings and pleasant atmosphere. Visiting the dentist holds no terrors now!

Visited in January 2017. Posted on 02 February 2017

I am absolutely terrified of dentist, but most of all of needles in my mouth. I haven’t been to the dentist nearly 10 years because of that. I knew that I need to check my teeth and do some fixing so I decided to do so and I am so pleased I did it. The doctor was nice and gentle and explained everything. The needle-was it even there?Yes,it was but I could barely feel it and the job was done very quickly. Now I will see dentist more often and keep my mouth healthy. I’m not scared anymore thanks to this brilliant experience. Couldn’t be happier!

Visited in February 2015. Posted on 17 February 2015

 I was early for my appointment and was shown to the surgery immediately by the dentist themself. A very kind and courteous person. They were kind and reassuring and I have no hesitation in recommending this dental Practise.

The receptionists were quick and efficient and very friendly.

I had reminders of my next appointments on my E.mail.Excellent service.

Visited in November 2014. Posted on 25 November 2014